User category: Professionals


I was just doing some translation into german when I came across the french translation of the user category "Professional" (msgid: categoryinfo).

Thereby a professional is understood as somebody who has the respective education and formation only: "professionnel de l'encadrement : Guide, brevet d'état escalade, accompagnateur en moyenne montagne, entraineur."

I would suggest to change the french translation towards a definition whereby a professional is somebody who is actually carrying out that profession and makes (at least to a certain degree) a living out of it. Otherwise I do not see the aim of the category: When searching e.g. for a guide I am assuming the following: (i)She/he is appropriately trained, (ii) She/he does acutally offer some guiding services and thus can be hired.

It is possibly not by coincidence, that as native german speaker I raise this issue. In german the distinction between "Amateur" and "Profi" has quite a normative connotation refering to the competencies and hardly anybody likes being classified as "Amateur" if there is a "Pro" category.

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Our intention in using the word "professionel" in French is that the person actually offers guiding services (professionel of ... = earning a living out of ...). Someone who has the appropriate diplomas but does not use them professionally should not select that category.

You can use whichever word is most appropriate for this in German.