Want to join a ski trek in Spitzberg?

Hi everyone!

We are 2 friends going to Spitzberg (Svalbard) in March for a ski trek!

Story is: we were a group of 6 persons from Norway, Italy and France, and planned a ski trek for 14 days, leaving Longyearbyen on March 9th and returning on the 22nd. Organization, gear and everything were almost ok, except that the 4 friends bailed a couple days ago, just one month before going. :frowning:

In our opinion, 2 persons is too few to go on such a trip but we still want to go. We’re looking for people who would be down to joins us - we are autonomous and frendly :wink: -. We are flexible about the itinerary or dates: we can stick to the initial plan or adapt it, go on smaller treks, etc. We’re open and happy to enlarge the crew!

So shoot me a message if interested and we can get to know each other and talk about the details!