Robot and automatic corrections

Hello !

As you may have followed on French forums, there are now robots that can make automatic corrections to a list of documents. These corrections are made from lists in the following article.

Correction example:

The French version is starting to be rich, but we are counting on you to enrich the english version of the common mistakes to correct!

Feel free to talk about it here as a commentary to the article. Attention, any change of the article has an immediate effect on the corrections, you must be sure of you!

Antoine, for the topoguide moderation.

After all sorts of ups and downs, the bots are into changing the cardinal points into an abreviated NSE and W form again - but currently only for documents in French.
If a discussion among English native speakers of c2c would end up into a decision, then the corrections could again be part of the article ^^.

Also hello to @ripsawridge

Hi there !


Hello everyone,

Recently, I worked a bit on the automatic corrections in english.

First, I made a translation of the french article, fell free to correct the likely mistakes. Also, you are welcome to enhance the example part in the « How it works » section.

Second, I decided to use the list of common mistakes from wikipedia, starting with the letter A, to extract the ones adapted to the mountaineering context of camptocamp. Feel free to discuss which ones you would add, and which one should maybe be removed.

Third, I believe we should follow Wikipedia and have the rule to avoid contractions.

Finally, you are welcome to give your opinion whether one should, like in french, use abbreviations (N,E,S,W) for the cardinal points.