Mountaineering partner July August 2016 Chamonix or other AD and up

Hi, I’m looking for a mountaineering partner for long weekend(s) in July- August (the long weekend of July 14th would be great!)
I’ve followed in rock/ice/mixte routes up to D-/AD+ (Cosmiques, Lachenal, Dent du Géant, Weismiess, Zinalrothorn attempt) and recently started leading AD.
I’d be happy to lead/reversible AD- routes or follow tougher routes (I’m open to routes suggestions)
Get in touch!


I’ll be in chamonix from 25 july until 7 august with my (unexperienced) girlfriend. We will do some PD routes. Happy to have someone with us if you need a warmup route :slight_smile:


Im Going to be in Chamonix on august 17. Id be happy to do an alpine rock route but i did not bring any snow/ice gear with me.

Hi there
I will be Chamonix and Courmayeur
From 09 of July 2017 until 05 of August 2017
For mountaineering and climbing
I looking for a Partner
to make mountaineering and climbing routes form PD` up to TD
Will be nice to meet and to try to make same thing together
best wishes
Vangelis Stavroulakis