Mount elbrus july 2016

Hi everyone, I’m Arnaud from France!
I’m planning to climb mount elbrus in july this summer 2016. I would like to build a little team, to be three or four something like that!

Elbrus is a straight forward climb on snow and ice. There are no technical sections and you can walk to the summit without any mountaineering skills. Unfortunately many climbers underestimate the weather conditions on the peak and Elbrus is claiming lives almost every year. It is regarded as one of the easist of the seven.
A Russian peak close to the border of Georgia. The highest peak in the Caucasus Mountain Range.
There’s no peak fee, but a small national reserve fee has to be paid. Fligths to the area are moderately priced and you can do with normal cold weather gear. The visa for Russia can be expensive for some passport holders and many have to pay additionally for visa support.
It can be climbed any time, but May to September are the most common period. It can get really cold in the winter.

So feel free to comment and share this post, I’m really excited! (As concerns myself, I’ve already made some 6000m so it shouldn’t be so hard for me.)


Hey Arnaud,

My name is Ori,

Im a rock climber from israel/france, (working in the alps in the winter as a tour operator in les arcs.

I’m pretty new to alpinism, this is the first summer im spending in the alps, currently in the austrian alps and continue to ortler and pitz benina in the next weeks.

My partners go’s back home in the 14th of july and I want to continue climbing…

mount elbrus sounds intresting and i would like to know if its still relevant…

hope the best,


Hello, I sent you a private message!

Hope to climb with you soon,

Kind regards