I do apologize for writing in english but I don’t speak italian and I need informations about Marinelli.

Since snow conditions don’t seem to be too bad above 2000 we are thinking to ride the marinelli may be next week.

We would leave from the Gnifetti Rifuge up to the colle Gnifetti .

Even if my friend is a french guide and « knows what he is doing » we would appreciate to have informations about snow conditions and about seracs at the top of the couloir.

Does anyone know a guide living in the macugnaga area whith whom we could talk to get informations before we go there ?

Many thanks !

Here is it the Macugnaga Mountain Guide Office, in English
Mob phone is listed as +39 347 0900129

Enjoy. Mad.

Nice !

Thanks a lot.

I looked for such a guides office but I was not successfull !!

We just have to cross our fingers and hope it does not get tooo warm !

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