Lost ski near summit ridge of Pizzo Tresero (Italy)

Hello everybody,
On Monday April 24th, I was climbing with a group of people and a guide, from Ref. Forni to the summit of Pizzo Tresero on skis.
A few meters below the summit ridge, I lost a ski!

There was a thick fog that day, so when my ski went straight down, it quickly disappeared.
According to my guide, it went down the north face in the direction of the Vedretta di Cerena.
Because of the bad conditions it was to dangerous to go and search for it, so I had to leave my ski behind.

This is a picture of the ski that I stil have, the one I lost is similar:

Lost ski

So, if somebody would find my ski, it would be great if they could contact me.
Or if somebody encountered my ski and left it, but could tell me the exact location and the conditions of the ski (still in 1 piece?),
I would also appreciate to receive that info.

Thanks for spreading the word around.