Looking for alpine/rock partner in mid july -end of August

Hello everyone,

My name is Ori, im a climber from israel, im currently alpine climbing in austrian and italian alps (wildspize, weissekogel, ortler, pitz bernina and maybe the italian side of the mont blanc). My partner is leaving in the 14th of july. im looking for partner for alpine/trad and sportive multi piches and mixed (I have no experience in mix clombing yet) I want to climb in chamonix, south east france or north italy, im pretty flexible about where…

The dates are: 14 july to end of August.

My climbing experience and level:

Sport climbing: 7a (flash or few attempts) but i didnt have the chance to try 7b outdoor yet…
multi piches up to 6b+ in arco and verdon

Trad: I did a couple of multi pichs in the dolomite’s up to 5c (100 and 400 meters)
Although I still have a lot to learn…

Alpine climbing: this is my first summer in the alps, ill let you know after the 14 of july:)

Im searching for climbers around my level, or more experience that would like to share their knowledge with me, like the old days:).

I speak and read french, but writing is too hard for now

I have my alpine equipment with me, but the other climbing gear is back home, ill have it mail to me according to the plans…