IMS Photo Contest 2014: Mountain.Four.Elements

The motto of 2014 is “Mountain.Four.Elements” … -info.html
Earth. Water. Air. Fire. Send us your picture on which the mountain is the protagonist of the interaction between nature’s four elements. Earth, water, air and fire shape the rock and design new, spectacular forms. Venture out, reach the most remote places on earth and look for particular snapshots of the mountain in play with one or more of the 4 elements. Capture a breathtaking moment with your camera: Thunderstorms, clouded sky, pristine springs, ice needles, sunrays, lava flows and more create a unique sight. Show us through your camera lens the fascination and beauty of nature and win the KIKU Photo Award (up to 7.800 €).

« Mountain.Four.Elements »

The mountains with their impressive dimensions and sometimes intimidating shapes have always caused controversial feelings in human beings. For some they have a rather frightfully monumental effect, other are fascinated and attracted by them. The mountain appears immutable. It is the interplay with the nature, which creates always new perspectives and captivating spectacles.

Earth. Water. Air. Fire. The four elements shape the rock and design new and spectacular forms. Venture out, to the most remote places on earth, looking for particular snapshots of the mountain in play with one or more of the 4 elements. Thunderstorms, clouded sky, pristine springs, ice needles, ray of sunlight, lava flows and more… The 4 elements present themselves in endless forms and acts. But don´t forget the protagonist of your picture should be the mountain.

Photo upload

Each participant can only submit 1 photo (please read the Terms and Conditions)
The desired image format is: TIF or JPEG
The maximal side length is of 1200 pixel (ex.14x10cm at 72 dpi). The file should not be bigger than 2 MB
A selection of picture will be exhibited. The photographer should have the same picture in a resolution at least at 2300 x 3500 pixel (20x30cm at 300dpi)
Images not matching the theme will be excluded by the jury


Upload photo: 01.04.2014 - 31.07.2014
Facebook-Voting: until 07.08.2014 at 12.00 AM
Publication of the TOP-100, selected by the jury: 18.08.2014
Public-Voting: 18.08.2014 - 05.09.2014 at 12.00 AM
Jury-Voting: August
Publication winners: September
Award ceremony during IMS: 19.10.2014 at 8.00 PM

3 votings - 3 chances to win

Sens us your best picture and win the KIKU Photo Award for a total value of 7.800,- Euros.

FACEBOOK-VOTING: The photo obtaining the most « Facebook-Likes » within 12 AM of the 7th of August wins the Facebook-Voting-Price. The « Likes » of the different languages will be summed up automatically. ATTENTION: valid are only the ''Likes" in the Photo Gallery of the IMS Website.
PUBLIC-VOTING: From the 18th of August to the 5th of September, user form all over the world can vote for their 3 favourites, in the gallery of the TOP-100. Everyone can vote only once per image.
The sequence of the pictures changes automatically due to the rating, whereby the photo with the most votes will be on the first place. The 3 pictures with the most votes win the Public-Voting-Price.
JURY-VOTING: All submitted pictures will be evaluated by a professional jury, who chooses the 100 best pictures for the photo exhibition and the public voting. The jury will also select the 3 winners of the IMS Photo Contest 2014.
The 3 finalists will be invited to the award ceremony during the IMS at the 19th of October 2014.

Photo of the Week

Every week we post a new best picture on the Facebook site of IMS - International Mountain Summit. These pictures will get a higher visibility during the public voting.