How to add sectors for cliff

For example there is a wide cliff which is divided into several sectors for better organising the routes. How should I add the sectors as child waypoint of the main cliff?



first you create all the waypoints (main and sectors), then you use the « edit the associations » tool, in the left margin from the main waypoints : there you can add all the sectors as children waypoints.

I added main cliff and sector as outdoor climbing waypoint, but I can not add the sector as child waypoint to the main cliff because it is greyed out.

I think you have to do the inverse procédure.
You go to child WP and add main cliff as a parent.

I tried this but there is the same problem.
main cliff:

This kind of link is reserved to the moderators (because the rate of bad link was too high when any contributor could link two waypoints).
Ask to the moderators which waypoints you want to link, in this topic or by mail via the button « Report an issue » on the waypoint page.

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The sector is now linked to the cliff.

The sector has also been changed to waypoint type « waterfall » since it is a dry-tooling spot (all dry-tooling spots are classified as « waterfalls »).

EDIT : is the whole « Stafflacher Wand » used only for dry-tooling, or are there also rock-climbing routes on it?

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Thanks. There are also rock climbing routes on the « Stafflacher Wand ».

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Make sense.

Please also add and as child node of Stafflacher Wand

Thanks a lot.


BTW, you don’t need to associate both those waypoints to a route. If you attach the route to the child waypoint, it will appear on the parent waypoint.

Something else: I hope that some day there will be the activity [Dry-tooling] on c2c,


make sense.


I have been thinking about this. So let’s say that you dont need to… but that you may, if you wish.

Indeed there is some difference in the route page: show the parent waypoint or not. I think I prefer only associate the route to the child waypoint and not to the parent.

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