Europe's 50 classic climbs

Posted as guest by Bart:


I’m making a list of 50 superclassic climbs in Europe. The idea is to set myself the goal of climbing them all, but the problem is that it’s very difficult to make such a list.

What are for you the most classic climbs of europe?

For some inspiration: Two Americans are doing the same project in North America:

Wonderful , Great Idea !!! Congratulations,
The North America’s 50 classics are of great interest for those discovering the area.

Europe is a very wide area for alpinism (climbing) and includes many practices (ice climbing, bolted routes, … etc).
The list should obviously include some routes from Dolomites, from Pyrénées, from Alps from Prealps, from Verdon, from Corsica … in a various range of difficulties : really a great challenge if you want also to promote some beautiful (but not so classical) routes !!
A book by Labande has done such a selection. Of course it needs a serious update.

In my opinion, the list should include :

  • Corsica : Dos d’éléphant
  • Calanques Pilier D de la Passerelle, Calendal, Le Muet qui rit
  • Cougourde … a route
  • Verdon … ULA, a face climb
  • Archiane Pilier Livanos or Rocher d’Archiane : Les Fruits de la Patience (Pestel d’Archiane)
  • Pierre Allain Face Sud de la Meije
  • Du V à tire larigo Tete de la Maye
  • Pilier Cordier aux Gds Charmoz
  • Pilier Gervasutti au Tacul
  • Campanile Basso (any route)
    … etc

Thank’s Michel for the useful information!

When I’m ready with the list, I’ll post it here so you can take a look and give your opinion.