Climbing partner needed (France)

I just moved to Chamonix France and need an ice climbing/mixed climbing partner. I own all my gear including ropes. Let me know where and when you want to go.

I’ll be around the Alpes du Nord lots of different weeks from March through mid-July.
I’ve only started doing easy mixed snow/rock and moderate alpine rock climbs. Likely I could try some alpine ice. I’ve done lots more of ski mountaineering.

You can send me your email and phone – I just sent mine in a message to you.

I’m not based on Chamonix, but it’s easy for me to drive there. And I’m also very interested in ski mountaineering and alpine climbing in other mountain groups – also
sport climbing in the valley, and
climbing down south by the Sea when conditions+weather in the mountains are unfavorable.

Here’s a list of the climbing I’ve done so far in France:

I have full sets of rock climbing ropes and gear and all French Alps + Provence rock guidebooks, and mountaineering boots and crampons – but my snow/ice protection so far is only 2 screws and 2 pickets.


Sounds great I have plenty of screws and rock pro. I sent you a message with my email included. I did not receive the message containing your email address. Please send again and we can get in touch.

Try my contact info linked here:

(? Perhaps the UKC email forwarding is not working, since I did not get your message either.)