Caucasus, Himalaya, Andes

World Trip 2023 Mountaineering
Hey, I’ll start a world trip in July 2023 in the big mountain ranges of this world. Destinations are Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Chile,Ecuador and Peru.
I’m going to travel by backpacking and hitchhiking as far as possible. My goal is to undertake trekkings of several weeks in remote mountainous regions connected with some easy summit climbs on the way.
Together this is more fun and a lot safer so if there is anybody who wants to travel the same countries or even wants to do a one year trip just contact me. I also speak French but English or German a better.
Instagram: sscha_03

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Where would you like to start your trip ? (First few month)

Hi, first I‘ll be in Georgia for one month arriving at the 20th of June, Tajikistan from the end of July until August, Kyrgyzstan first half of September and afterwards Nepal