Lauteraarhorn : S Gully and SE ridge

well done!

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Hi Wayne,
I would like to do it the next week-end, did you use ski for the approach?
Where did you start? Any road closed? or where you able to arrive to the Hospiz with the car without any problem?
What were your timings? What time did you leave the Biwak to start the Gully ascension.
Which equipment did you used? Friends, ice screw? ropes?

Olly there is a thread on UKC. They skied over the Scheuchzerjoch from the Oberaarjoch hut. Quite a good way to go in I would have thought.

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Sorry my reply is way too late … but I’ll answer in case anyone else can benefit…

Approach: from Oberaarjochutte - worked well for us having just done the Finsteraarhorn
yes it was part of a ski tour starting at Fiesch - Konkordia - Gross Grunhorn - Finsteraarhorn - Lauteraarhorn
Then no issues with roads / access etc.
we did not ski up or down the gully … I would rate it S5 the whole length … to much for me
we left the bivwak at ~04h00 … see breakfast photo time stamp
equipment - 30m rope, 3 slings & 2x extenders … 2 ice axes for the snow (no required but more comfortable)