English speaking partner for this winter

hi !
my name Is izhar, I am 36 and living in montpellier.
I am looking for a partner for some alpinism activities - climbing, ice climbing, ski mountaineering, etc. not only in the south of course.

I have all the equipment, and a lot of free time during the winter.
I speak some French, but not that good. Its much easier for me in English.

tell me if you’re up to something.
thanks !

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Hello Izhar

If it’s easier for you, you may also use the Camitocamp forum in English.

thanks !
it seems like the forum over there is a bit dead, but I will try.

you might find an English speaking partner on the British equivalent of camp to camp

Will MP you!

Hello Izhar

My english is perhaps not enough fluent, but we can try … I live in Montpellier too. And I’m searching also partners for climbing : ice climbing (my level is around WI6), gullies and rock climbing (around 7c or a bit more, 7a/b in trad). I can also have a lot of free time.
If you are interested you can send me a private message. I am near 60.